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About D. K. Instruments

D. K. Instruments Pvt. Ltd., pioneer with Reed Switch concept will differentiate itself from other instrument manufacturers by providing the highest level of expertise to our customers. The process instrumentation we suggest will be the best possible solution for your application, or we will not sell it.

We utilize leading-edge technology to continuously improve our products and make them easier to use. Minimum inventory, least maintenance and fail safe operation of the instruments are the essence of our product.

We manufacture industry-preferred product for every market we serve. We do this through total quality commitment, by completely fulfilling our customers' expectations.

Quality, service and delivery are the foundation of DK's service to the process industry since incorporation. For us, quality means reliability. It means designing, developing and manufacturing the safest, most robust level, pressure, flow and electrical instruments available. Instruments that precisely fulfil your specifications. Instruments that meet or exceed the highest standards of certification, from raw material through delivery of finished product.

We contribute real value to the market-place by providing complete, ready-to-install systems. These systems are delivered promptly and are supported by knowledgeable technical support, providing total customer service.

Design Philosophy

Instrumentation is the heart of any Nuclear Power Plant, Thermal Power Station, Steel, Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Chemical Industries and other Process Industries. Malfunctioning of Instruments can lead to process problem, Production loss, Accident and bring down the Productivity. Thus Instrumentation system design gives adequate consideration to avoid problems during normal running. However no designer can ever provide for all the unforeseen able difficulties that may be caused due to particular and special conditions. Thus Instrumentation System Design must necessarily be dynamic and modifications in the system are called for from time to time to overcome the problems occurred due to unavoidable circumstances. Selection of proper Instruments for particular application is a prime factor. Instrument Engineer having knowledge in Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Project can select proper Instruments. Hence expertise and knowledge is a must for good system design and selection of Quality Product. Technical merit & concept should be the main criteria. Manufacturing with latest concept and merit needs expertise in Instrumentation System. Manufacturer should have sufficient knowledge of his product so that he can guide System Designer and Maintenance Engineer.

Hermetically sealed glass encapsulated Reed Switch is ideal in Nuclear Power Plant, Thermal Power Station, Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Steel, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries etc.

Reed Switch Technique and concept is unique, unparallel and incomparable. It has been observed that Maintenance Engineer in the Industries has high opinion of this concept because of trouble free & fail safe operation.